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In 1950, brothers-in-law Will Herman & Morry Tananbaum started Herwell Publishing Company on 25th Street in Cleveland, Ohio.

Toma family’s history in the printing business began in the early 1980 when Len Toma worked at Herwell Publishing Company. In 1987, Len purchased the business from Mr. Herman and Mr. Tananbaum. In the early 1990s the need to add direct mail services was recognized to further establish the company’s role as one source for design, print and direct mail services. Len’s sister, Jane Toma, started working for the family business in 1988. Len’s daughter, Kate Toma, started with the company in 2006. ​In 2008, operations relocated to an easily accessible area  in Valley View, Ohio.

In 2016, Herwell closed their doors and STREAMLINECLE (Streamline Communications Group, LLC) was created with the same family and business values. At that time, Jane Toma and Kate Toma became the owner operators. The current brand, StreamlineCLE, emphasizes the ability to handle multiple operations under one roof – and Cleveland pride! Dedicated to making a difference — in the workplace and in the communities by providing products, services and creative solutions to support economic vitality in the local communities.



We are dedicated to making a difference — in the workplace and in the communities we serve.  We want our customers to succeed so when they come to us, we do everything possible to provide a quality product.  Over the years, we have established long term relationships with people because they trust us to deliver the best service possible – quickly, professionally, and cost effectively.  No job is too big or too small!



Printing is where it all started but as the needs of our customers grew, so did we.  Today, we offer years of experience that allows us to offer valuable services and products while knowing how to keep production costs down. 

Our full-service mailing operations comply with U.S. Postal standards which allows customers to save an average of 50% off first-class postage rates (non-profits save upwards of 75%), while realizing a 98% deliverability rate.  Services include data processing, list maintenance, CASS, NCOA, addressing, variable data, inserting, mailing list profiling, and acquisition.

When it comes to design, we know how to help you communicate your ideas to inspire, inform, and captivate your customers.  We work with you from start to finish on a project and continue offering outstanding customer service even after the final invoice has been paid by providing ongoing, personal support. 

Our self-publishing services has helped numerous aspiring authors.  We offer valuable insight and information to guide our customers through the process including layout and design, illustration, editorial support, ISBN and Library of Congress registration, marketing, and distribution.

We are proud to be a local business helping other local organizations to thrive.   You will never be just another account to us.  We are committed to you and always strive to provide the best services and products possible.

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